A Listening Ear

Through my eyes, it's getting harder to see,
harder than it used to be.
The world, it's changing, all around me.
You can keep up - you're you, I'm me.
It's getting so hard, the world today.
I'm still going, not learning in any way.
Everything fades in and out,
and I can't help but give a shout.
Nobody's listening to little me.
They can't see... the way I see.
I want advice, but I need it from you.
You're the only one who listens the way you do -
You'll hear my story - to the end,
be the listening friend.
You're filled with strength... courage, too.
I see the best within you.
Your heart is true, intentions good.
You'll live life better than I ever could.
You are the only one who can give what I need.
So please help me - do a good deed.
I loved you from day one, a friend, kind and true.
Please show that you love me too.