Once upon a time there was this tofurkey that I ate last night. Now, I am very against eating tofurkey...they're so cute! I used to have a pet tofurkey. Actually, taht's the one I ate, which is what made me so against it. Cause no one likes eating a pet, you know how it is! But my pet was special. Specially DELICIOUS!!! AHAHA! So I was like "Hey, Steve!" and all he did was make this weird beeping noise so I thought he was sick so I took him to the tofurkey vet even though Steve is a goldfish. The vet seemed a bit suspicious though, so I listened in and I heard him whispering to Steve. I couldn't tell what he was saying, so I turned into a tofurky to render myself less conspicuous as I snuck in. ANd then I heard him say something magical and completely green that I've never heard anyone but me say before, but I said it after him much later so he was really the first person I heard say it you know but it was jsut SUCH a weird thing to say and jsut unbeLIEVABLY green I was shocked to the point that I almost lost my power to stay disguised as a tofurkey and then I realised: I can't turn into a tofurkey! The doctor turned around and saw me and I mus'tve looked pretty weird squawking around like that. His eyes went all big and Steve jumped up and ate one. I never knew golfishies liked to eat eyes! But I always wear sunglasses around Steve just in case. So Steve ran out of the vet and I jumped on his back and we escaped and went home after yet another adventurous day. And Steve was cured! He wasn't beeping anymore! I think that when your beeping, sometimes you jsut need a good eye and everything's right again. So we went home and to celebrate we ate Steve's best friend, Squawkingtingbingdon. That's ok, cause we never liked the big 'S' anyways. I bet you're wonder what the doctor said, huh? I'll tell you, jsut in case you happen to be in the same situation some time. He SAID.....--- -- ------ - - -- -- -- -- ---- --- ---. (Sorry, it's in morse code since he was a morse code machine after all. Which makes me wonder how good a tofurkey vet he could've been in the first place but I'm not gonna judge.)