Shades of twilight fluttering in the breeze,
Black veined like gothic stained glass,
A shard of Shadow wafting free.

Most delicate wing of ebony filigree,
Shuddering and wavering like a dying breath,
On twilight zephyrs may uphold thee!

Tiny stars wink in your endless eyes,
Reflecting the dance of the heavens above,
Your gaze as soft as a moonlight sigh.

Oh transient enigma of midnight grace!
Thou art the epitome of insubstancial beauty,
Fleeing my grasp without a trace.

The wind is thy steed O gossamer spectre,
Whisking you to and ferrying you fro,
Through the infinite skies without measure.

In my deepest, desperate dreams in repose you lie
My black evanescent spirit
Obsidian Butterfly.