I lie alone in clandestine dark
No candle to light my way
No guiding hand to enfold in mine
And no kind voice to hearten my soul.

In that clandestine dark
I drift away
A distant dream lighting my way
A feeling of peace enveloping me
And a lullaby making my spirits to soar.

Flying bewinged on gossamer dreams
I come to rest inside myself
That special corner of my soul
Where dreams run free.

I pad cat-quiet through goosedown grass
Sleepy trees sway by my side, all around
Lulled by moonflower dreaming songs
And sweet whispers of the ancient dream forest.

Mists of silver caress with lover's hands
Fireflies wink and flutter like waning candles
And amidst it all I stand wreathed in content.
Singing with the moonflowers
Dreaming with the forest.