It takes all types to make this world what it is though some people judge others by what they look like or what they can do. Just like people say don't judge a book by its cover, well the same thing goes for a person.

This world is filled with all types of people and animal such as: Americans, Italians, French, Chinese, etc. There is also another kind of race these people are called witches/wizards. They are the race people hate the most.

Witches/Wizards used to be burn or hung in the old days. Well the people that burned the witches/wizards, or what they thought were witches/wizards. The people would usually catch the wrong people

If the people caught a real witch/wizard, the witch/wizard would simple cast a spell on themselves to turn them selves into ashes or pretend to be dead. Then when every one left they would restore themselves.

Sometimes if the witch/wizard was sent to the stake, or sent to be hung. If the witches/wizards couldn't cast the spell soon enough he/she would die.

In our days people don't really believe in witches/wizards or even magic. Witches/Wizards were very happy that people didn't try to track them down or anything like that any more.

If a person would see a witch/wizard cast a spell or anything like that, the witch/wizard would have to catch the person and erase their memory. Erasing someone's memory well wasn't a very nice thing to do.

If the memory erasing process was done wrong the person might explode, or the witch/wizard might go to far and erase the memories of their families. Usually the process went perfectly , and nothing happened the person would walk of fine.

In the future some how people had found out about witches/wizards, people were frightened of witches/wizards. They were afraid the witches/wizards would kill them, even tough the witches and wizards would never do anything of that sort.

A scientist had finally created a device. This device was able to tell the difference between a witch/wizard from a human. And groups were formed they would run around killing witches/wizards.

The witch/wizard race was lowered, now there were only about 1000 witch/wizards left in the whole world. Then a wizard remembered that there was a famous witch he had created this coin called the "Coin of Zeuel"

This coin had the power to save the witch/wizard race. But the problem was this coin was lost no one knew were to find it. They didn't even now if it were in this dimension. Many witches/wizards tried to find it, but they never made it.

They finally decided to stop looking for it, it was hopeless. But one wizard stood above them all he was ready to give his life to save them. This one wizard was called Frez. All of Frez's friends called him Flame.

Flame really didn't have any thing to do with is personality, they called him this because his hair was red.

(( Frez is the witch/wizards last hope, he will have to save them all ))
(( Well this is the end of the first part of "The Wizard That Saved Them All" ))
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