Find me a King, and I shall be his Queen!
And together we will haunt the night, unseen.
Over the black hills and into the river of death,
We shall pillage and plunder until comes our last breath.

I shall be his until my river of blood runs dry,
And he shall be mine until we both doth die.
Killers, wild and free, bound by no human chains,
Two savage foes in this cruel world of pains.

We will go beyond our redemption, beyond human limits,
Sinning 'til we change the world, 'til we burn our spirits.
There will be no death for us, we shall die then wake again,
Knowing no end, having no conscience, we shall destroy the world of men.

We shall commit crime after crime, sin after sin,
They'll never catch us, they'll let us win.
And we will live forever, the incarnations of evil and spleen.
But go! Find me a King! And I shall be his Queen.

AN: Lol, I've no idea where this came from, I was just inspired :D. I do
want a King though.