I believe, in anything, and everything,
But I can't believe, this hate of yours is genuine,
You fight and insult, shout and hurt all friends of mine.
And me always you single out, and delight in tormenting.

And I pretend to care, thinking maybe you will soften,
Seeing me in what you believe to be pain,
Seeing me incapable of defense, tongue-tied, you call me insane,
To crown it all, you do it all to this atmosphere lighten.

To make others laugh, yet you swear on the gods above,
You hate me so much, and I'm not worthy of affection,
And I let them all slip away; all those I helped swim through oblivion,
The oblivion of solitude and no love.

My friends gone, I alone, yet you are still not satisfied,
What have I that you do not right now?
Well, I believe I know, but I won't tell you how
You can get what you want, steal it from me, with all my pride.

I have kept it all really, pride, integrity, my dignity,
I haven't fallen to your hypocrite ways, or your lies,
Do you believe I want to see the world through your eyes?
So I endure it all, and I find solace in only my own company.

You never forgot me, and you never left me alone,
The years have passed, and I am still here,
Proud, strong as ever, never having shed a single tear,
What of you? Has the wind your friends away blown?

Have the angels of god you cherish so carried away,
Those fake, treacherous creatures, I once called friends?
But see, your joy begins where mine ends,
But mine never ended, so yours never begun, and you see that today.

You did hurt me, but I never gave in, so you failed,
You failed to make me like you, and I won,
I won because of you! Because you opened
My eyes and I saw I was better left alone.

For those friends did not love me,
Though I'd helped them they used my for their evil,
And then you took them away, oh the irony,
That you should steal my angels, and find the devil.

I didn't come looking for revenge, but, revenge used me,
Your evil comes back to you, and despite me, in my appearance.
Now I have friends, and I love them more than any,
But you are alone, and you find that worse than a death sentence.

Go kill yourself then, I cannot pretend I care anymore,
I hate you, and I laugh at your face, for you are such a fool,
Don't you see? If I don't kill you, you'll never die, for
Hell will spit you out, and heaven for you would be way too cool.

But, you are so religious, and I don't believe in god,
So now that I am the winner, you finally see he won't help you,
So go fuck yourself to hell and bitch with the devil you sod,
Everyone knows how fake you are, and your stories aren't true.

I win!

* * *

AN: Lol, sorry, but this is self-inspired, lol, but I had to write it.get
this out of me. I did win.and it feels so good now..lol. Please review!