A Second Chance


Throughout the rest of her pregnancy, Erik, and the rest of their friends, were there alongside them, supporting them. They, and Erik especially, of course, were there through Brooke's frequent mood swings that came along in her last trimester, her hot flashes, fatigue, and constant cravings for the weirdest things imaginable.

Four months after Erik proposed, at three-thirty in the morning on May 1st, Ryan's birthday (and he said later, ecstatically, that he was honored to share his birthday with their child) to an adorable baby girl, whom they named Abby.

"She's so beautiful," Erik had whispered as Brooke joyfully held their daughter in her arms after hours upon hours of exhausting labor. Brooke had just looked up at him, beaming.

Six months later, Brooke and Erik were married in a quaint little wedding chapel in a suburb outside of Los Angeles, near the beach. The guests had consisted mainly of the bride and groom's parents, some friends, and other family members.

Maria and Chad insisted that they take Emma and baby Abby while Brooke and Erik enjoyed their trip to Australia for their honeymoon.

Erik continued writing for the newspaper, while Brooke took up teaching, and sometimes interior-designing for some very wealthy people. Erik was the faithful and devoted husband and father that Brooke had always looked for and never found.

Sure, they had some rough spots, but Brooke and Erik always managed to pull through with gallant smiles and hopeful eyes twinkling.

Jason watched Brooke and Erik's life together with a small smile on his face, truly grateful and glad that things had turned out the way they had.

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