Lying in her bed looking up at the ceiling, she wondered aimlessly about what her new life would bring. She looked around her room making a mental note to unpack all the boxes tomorrow. The thunder crashed loudly outside as the rain poured down like a river running through a dam. Once again she looked about her room, she could see the one decoration, other than the frill hanging from her canopy bed, being illuminated by the room. She had told her no posters because of the new paint, but it was her third night in this town, this house, and it was her only comfort that reminded her of home. On the far wall, the one poster hung alone, staring back at her. She smiled slightly, one would generally be creeped out by this character staring back at them, and Ziggy Stardust was definitely a character. But it did nothing but comfort her.
Now most sixteen year old girls only care about make-up, boys, and all that pop music such as Nsync and Britney, but not Rién. Her tastes in music were much different. She loved the legends, the good music. Musicians like Bowie, and Idol, the Stones, the Beatles, and the Ramones. Now that was music. But Bowie had always been the best in her mind. She bowed down to Bowie. She had never found anyone who shared her opinion and she almost believed that she was the only one that thought that, but she knew that wasn't true.
It didn't really matter to her anyway, she didn't have many friends. People were afraid of her. They didn't like her band shirts, or her music, or her attitude, or her look. Like her mother she had deep auburn hair and like her father she was tall. Supermodel tall. In her hair she had put a few black streaks, nothing big and nothing gaudy. But her eyes that creeped people out the most. She had the most unusual colored eyes. They always stuck out. Naturally illuminated, one could never miss them. They weren't bright green or a deep blue like normal, they were lilac. A bright beautiful, yet intimidating lilac. She always was asked if she wore contacts, but she had perfect vision, and no need for contacts.
Suddenly her kitten Bowie jumped onto her lap and purred loudly. Like her mistress, she was feisty and playful, but was only allowed to be so around her mistress. Bowie was a mere five months old, but was as sleek and sly as a three year old cat. Her fur was pure black, and fine, finer than most cat's. Not a touch of another color could be found on her coat. She had bright green menacing eyes. Stroking the kitten softly, she shot up right realizing Ziggy still resided outside. Placing the kitten aside she jumped out of bed and went down stairs. The kitten followed making not one sound. Quietly walking into the kitchen, Rién unlocked the French doors and walked outside. Instantly soaked, she called for the dog. She could hear the dog whimpering under the porch.

"Ziggy," she called quietly. Walking down the stairs and under the porch, she saw her normally fearless St. Bernard puppy backed up into the corner whining.

Rién patted her leg and Ziggy crawled slowly to here. Laughing slightly as her puppy's fear of the thunder. Suddenly the dog yelped and returned to its place in the corner. Raising her brow, she wondered slightly why her dog was so scared. Looking around she saw nothing. Exasperated she called the dog, commanding he come to her. The dog, knowing she meant business jumped up and came to her side. Taking the dog by the collar she dragged him up the stairs. Telling him to sit outside the door, she ran to the bathroom, grabbing several towels. Returning, she noticed the dog was now growling at something in the distance. She quickly laid a towel onto the floor and set the others down. She called to the dog to come inside. Obeying, Ziggy entered the house sitting down on the towel. Reaching around him, she closed the doors and locked them. Sighing quietly, she smiled at her innocent puppy.

"Zig, you're a weird one," she whispered while drying the dog off. He was a very large dog for six months old. She soon realized she needed another towel. Commanding the dog to stay, she once again went to the bathroom and retrieved another towel. Walking back into the kitchen, the dog was laying on the towel whimpering.
"Zig, what on earth is with you," She said. Looking up she realized what he was whimpering at.

A young man stood outside her door looking straight at her. She gasped quietly, her hand slowly covering her mouth. The young man that stood there wore a black trench coat and black pants. His hands rested in the pockets of the coat. His hair was dark, and covered his face. The only thing visible was his eyes. The man that stood there was not wet at all. The rain still poured, yet he did not have a single drop of water on him. Rién closed her eyes and breathed slowly. Opening her eyes, she saw her dog sitting up right and no one standing outside the doors.

"Zig, I'm hallucinating," She shook her head. "Come on, lets get you dried off."