In The Distance

Chapter 10

Unavoidable Engagement

Mace slowly opened the door and stepped inside. Unlike the last time, he was wet, completely soaked. He noticed that Rién's cheeks were wet from tears and was swiftly by her side. Caressing her cheek in a comforting manner, he looked into her eyes to find out what she was hiding.

"Rién, please tell me what happened,"
"She....she insulted my mother," Rién cried. Mace felt a pang in his heart.

Quickly, Mace pulled Rién into his arms and lifted her. She weighed nothing, it seemed. As quickly as he had picked her up, they were in her bed. He kept her close to his body, to simply let her know he was there, always. He sang quietly into her ear, it was a French folklore song. Rién could have deciphered the song had she wanted to, but she was too distraught to care. Her eyes closed and she buried herself more into Mace's arms. Within moments, she was asleep. Mace watched her as she slept, and came to the conclusion that was absolutely magnificent. He kissed her forehead lightly and laid his head down on the pillow, allowing himself to drift into slumber as well.

Around four in the morning, Mace awoke and pulled himself out from under Rién's frail body. Walking to her desk he searched for a piece of paper and a pen. Finding some in the top left drawer he began to write his note. Quickly scribbling a neat and beautifully handwritten apology, he thought of the engagement he was rushing too. He placed the note beside Rién head and with the snap of his fingers a single red rose appeared near the note. With a sweet kiss on Rién's forehead, Mace was gone.

Mace hated himself for leaving her in such a situation, but he could not avoid this engagement, more or less confrontation. He had to meet with the only person who shared his blood, his pure blood. His creator, and true brother. A fool was more like it. He made his way to a dark alleyway, far away from the one place he yearned to be.

"It's good to see you, brother,"
"The feeling is not returned, Joaquin," Mace retorted.
"Too bad, so tell me, why are you here, away from the only place you know?" Joaquin asked.
"That, brother, does not concern you," Mace said calmly.
"But it does, I am your sire, you answer to me," He replied, unfazed.
"You may have made me the monster that I am, but I do not answer to you, nor will I ever," Mace stated.
"You shouldn't speak to your elders in such a way, little brother," Joaquin said menacingly.
"You are but six years my senior,"
"But still your senior, now tell me why did you leave your beloved France," Joaquin commanded.
"I could no longer bare not entering my home, if I am correct, it was you who persuaded father to send me away from England, not, I," Mace answered.
"You only speak half the truth, there is more to your leaving,"
"You are mistaken, brother," Mace told him.
"Lucien, do not lie to me," Joaquin said.
"I do not lie, Guillaume," Mace said. Joaquin flinched.
"Do not call me such," He said fiercely.
"'Tis what I expected, you would let no one call you by your given name after Mamá passed, just as I let no one call me by my given name," Mace continued. "'Tis a sad thing that she passed because of you, she found out you were an influence of the devil himself, and her attentions then went to myself and Angelíc, angered, you turned us both, pushing mamá over the edge, making her commit suicide,"
"No, 'twas not my fault, I did nothing to hurt her," Joaquin yelled.
"Remember her last words, brother," Mace whispered. Joaquin wept.
"My children are no longer mine, the devil has taken them, taken them from me, my life can go on no longer, good bye my loves," Joaquin recited.
"Then you murdered Angelíc, she was but fifteen, then you came after me, thought I was always much stronger than you," Mace said.
"No," Joaquin yelled and left.
"It is so, my brother,"


Rién woke with a start and searched for Mace, but he was nowhere to be found. She picked up the rose and note that had been left for her. The note read.....

My Dearest Orién,

Forgive my for leaving you so, I had an engagement that I could
not avoid. I will return to you when all is well. No later then a day, I promise.
You are beautiful when you sleep. I do hope you slept peacefully. I promise
I will let no harm come to you. Meaning Joaquin, he will not dare to mark
anything that has already been marked. Which you will be, it is nothing
terrible, I promise. I make so many promises, but they will be kept. I am a man
of my word, I have never broken a promise to anyone, and I will not begin now.

Until Our Next Meeting,
Mace de Coulmier

Rién smiled to herself as she finished the letter. He may be something of a different kind, something other than human, but that didn't bother her anymore. He cared for her, and he showed it last night, by hold her, singing to her, just as her mother had once done. Her stomach filled with butterflies and her heart flipped. Whatever these feelings meant, she hoped they were good. She pulled herself out of the bed and went to the bathroom to shower and make herself presentable for Mace. She would see him sooner than a day, she felt it.


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