Dark Angel

Chapter 1: Alive

It was strange... out of all the humans she had preyed on, the Dark Angel had never felt as alive as she did now. In fact, she even wondered for a moment if he had been human, but quickly shook it off. Well, of course he was. What else would he be...? There was nothing else - only the humans and herself, a race of one. An unstoppable warrior - resisting her was futile.

Although the young man's feelings gave an overwhelming amount of energy, she felt... odd. As if she didn't need any more emotions - to hurt any more people. The Dark Angel had personal reasons in this deliberate execution of humankind as well, though none could be sure what they were. In the end, she didn't really want to kill them all, which she could do if she wanted to, but cause pain - a lot of it. She wanted to watch them suffer, while making sure they didn't die out too swiftly. Where was the fun in that?

She walked through the streets, catching a few curious glances, but she ignored them. Why didn't I just take care of those idiots? Abruptly, however, those thoughts vanished. She paused at a small intersection, turning sharply down a one-way street. When the Dark Angel reached the dead end, she turned into a tiny alley. A girl was sitting on her back porch, licking an ice-cream cone happily to beat the heatwave - too joyfully. Forgetting her previous hesitation, the Dark Angel sucked those carefree emotions that disgusted her out of the girl, just as she looked up and met the cold eyes of the Dark Angel, and in no time, they were replaced by dark thoughts and feelings. The reaction was immediate.

The ice cream cone fell onto hard, warm, and cracked pavement, leaving a growing brown puddle. Unlike the young man, she screamed, horrified, for her parents. She collapsed into unconsciousness, still shuddering in anguish. The Dark Angel frowned as if the girl had been unaffected. She was resilient, had collapsed a little too speedily. Energized by anger, the Dark Angel poured more - she had never used two attacks on one person. The girl, still unconscious, shrieked louder like a banshee, but soon she seemed to lose her voice.

The Dark Angel snarled - she was not receiving enough pain! Preparing to launch another attack on the small amount of sanity the girl had left, she heard footsteps approaching the girl from within the house. Lucky you... but there's always next time, little girl...



The man turned soberly. The woman continued, very softly this time, "She's coming around..." Her eyes were pink and her voice was wavering.

He leaned over the girl, who eyes were filled with terror, her body twitching as though each breath was a struggle. "Can you speak?" he asked gently.

The girl nodded briefly, confused. The adults waited patiently. Stuttering, she managed to put together two sentences: "Sh-Sh-She di-did i-i-it. Th-Th-The D-Dar-Dark Ange-" She fell silent, closing her eyes slowly, still appearing to be struggling greatly.

An air of silence hung over the hospital room for several seconds, dragging on bitterly, then, in a hushed voice: "What... is wrong with her?"

The man started, "I don't-"

"What the hell is wrong with my daughter?! Tell me now!" She glared down at him.

He winced visibly from her piercing gaze and replied, "Calm down, I'm sure she's just rest-"


The Doctor didn't even bother with words, knowing that he would be cut off, and rushed to a monitor. "Sh-She's..." His voice trailed off uneasily.

"What?!?" the woman snapped, her voice suddenly dripping with worry.

He gulped, closed his eyes, and turned to her. After a long moment of stillness, he tried to say kindly, "She's... gone into a coma..."


What a horrible girl... She rubbed her head. Damn her! I've never used two unloads on one person! The Dark Angel rarely felt emotions herself, yet now she was battling the most annoying headache. She halted suddenly in mid-step. That's it... she's going to pay... dearly. I just hope I didn't finish her off yet... she's going to wish she was dead long before I'm done with her...