Ducky!: The Beginning of an Adventure

This is the prequel to "The Revelation" by Celcius.

Celcius- Review my story! Review my story! You are my slaves! You are my slaves!

Ducky!- Wheeeee! *does Ducky! dance*

k w A c k- (Ducky!'s other half) Ducky! there is work to be done. Stop having fun!

Ducky!- *blink* Wheeeee! *spins*

k w A c k- Well fine. If she won't work, I will. Wait…I'm right handed…she controls my right side. Grrrr.

Ducky!- *blink* fine. Be a fun spoiler. This story is gonna be fun…unlike k w A c k-head over there.

It's the story of Ducky! Before she meets up with Crow, Katook, Gloria, and Lizifer. It might be disturbing, alarming, or just plain scary, but that's the way every true Ducky! lives. Deal with it. Oh and you might not have figured it out by now, but I am Ducky! But yes…on to the story.

Oh and Ducky! is not a duck. Ducky! has short curly brown hair, is about 5'4 and is a girl. Obviously. She has a rather high pitched voice, and is quite crazy. But yes…enough about Ducky! and onto the story.


Chapter 1-

Ducky!- *winces* *sobs* Wheee! That kind of hurt. *looks around*

Orlando Bloom- *looks at Ducky!* *looks back at friends* Who is that?

Billy Boyd- *confused* …and where did she come from?

Orlando- She's mine!

Billy- No! Mine!

Orlando- Mine!

Billy- Mine!

Elijah Wood- Orli…Billy…neither of you have a chance.

Orlando- *walks over to Ducky!*


We now interrupt you for a word from our sponsors-

Celcius- Ducky! do me a favor and pinch your arm.

Ducky!- Okey! *pinches arm* Owwwwwy! Oh looky! I'm awake!

And now back to our story…


Ducky! *drools* Hi. Who are you?

Orlando- I'm Orlando.

Ducky!- You're pretty.

Orlando- Thank you. So are you. Where did you come from?

Ducky!- I fell. I was at home. And I fell. And now I'm here.

Orlando- That's interesting. Where do you live?

Ducky!- Haven

Orlando- *beginning to drool*

Ducky!- Why are you drooling?

Orlando- I don't know. Pink looks really good on you.

Ducky!- *blink* Thanks. It's my favorite col…

Orlando- *kisses Ducky!*

Ducky!- *sigh* *starts to fall*

Orlando- *talking to Elijah and Billy* See she picked me!

Elijah and Billy- *confused* Where'd she go?

Orlando- *drools* She left. She was pretty. I hope I see her again. She looked good in pink.

Ducky!- *hits ground* Wow. That was fun. He was pretty. I'll miss him. *looks around* Back home! Yay! *remembers other place she was just at* That place was kinda weird. And what were they wearing? Seriously. Oh well. Wheeeee!

Ducky!'s Mom- Ducky! It's bed time.

Ducky!- But Mommy it's still light out!

Ducky!'s mom- But Ducky!, we're going on a trip tomorrow. Now go to bed

Ducky!- Okey Mommy! *puts on pajamas* *curls up in ball* *goes to sleep*

Ducky!'s Dad- Ducky! wake up! We're going on vacation!

Ducky!- Okey! *gets out of mud hole* *takes shower* *puts on new pink skirt and new pink glittery tank top*

Ducky!'s Mom and Dad- Are you ready Ducky!?

Ducky! *puts pink suitcase on Pony!* Are ya ready Pony!?

Ducky!'s Mom and Dad- Let's go! *set off on ponies into sunrise*


Okey that's all for now...I'll write more later...please read/review!!!