A Pair Of Cupids
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Jason Watson was a happy-go-lucky guy,
Who was truly willing to give love a try.
And so,at the advice of his good friend,
Mark Korman,Jason had gone to the end
Of a bar and introduced himself to Joy.

Joy Soderbergh was one of those ladies,
Who no longer wished to go another day
Without a gentle soul to care for her.
And so,at the advice of her pal,Heather
Forbes,Joy went to the bar on that Wednesday.

After they had looked into each other's
Eyes,they realized that they've found their
Perfect mates--and after Jason had placed
Her hand into his,he looked at Joy's face
And asked,"You want to stay with me forever?"

And after she said,"Yes.",they both had
Decided to go over to her pad
For a nightcap,not realizing that a pair
Of cupids had taken such great care
To not make their romance go bad.