I think I lost America


There's no panic in the streets,
there's no outcry of the people!
We lay docile as the cows we devour
feeding on the lies and consumerism.
We're disgusting.
Our plastic copies of souls
abide by last minute rules of dictatorship,
fearing a nonexistant foe
whose name changes but still maintains

We gobble up the earth,
(it's ours!)
and destroy all we touch
just because we can.

We hoard our weapons, jealous
of the others who have them,
but to what purpose?
To what purpose did we write the
Bill of Rights,
only for them to be stripped away
by those who were not
even wanted there in the first place,
King George the third laughing from his
oval office throne,
as he plots the next way to take more power.

What good is war and destruction,
if the world dies
because of our "light trucks"
that make up half of our cars?
We are drowning in our blood, our oil wars,
our sex and our hatred.
We live only to own,
own everyone and everything.

Where did our real souls go?