Epilogue: Five Years Later

Humming to herself, Kiara opened the door pulling out her earphones and placing her CD player on the side table as she made her way into her home. She felt extremely good after her run, even though she did feel a little guilty about leaving Andreas without backup. The first thing she noticed was the house was unusually quiet, not at all like the house she was used to.

"Andreas?" She called into the silence, wondering where on earth her husband was. Pulling off her shoes and leaving them at the door, Kiara made her way through the living room, heading towards the kitchen to get a drink. "Andreas, where are you?"

She heard the TV in the background as she poured herself a glass of water, guessing that was where they were.

"Andreas are you…" Kiara stopped short and smiled when she caught sight of the scene in front of her. Though the TV was on, it was being ignored as Andreas was sprawled out on the couch on his back, their three-year-old daughter Kailey curled up on his chest. A strange feeling stirred inside of her as she watched the two of them sleeping peacefully.

Quietly so as not to disturb the two of them, she turned the TV off, but all the same, Andreas stirred. "Wha…?"

"Apparently you were sleeping on the job." Kiara folded her arms, teasing the man she loved.

Looking sheepish, Andreas stroked Kailey's dark hair from her face, musing at how used to parenthood he had become. "Yeah…sorry about that."

"Where are the twins?" She asked, lifting Kailey up and cradling her weight expertly. "Did you put them down already?"

"Yeah." Andreas sat up, running a hand through his tousled hair. "They're taking a nap. Allegra and Mac went down like that a while ago. The two of them were so tuckered out it didn't take much."

"And it seems Kailey's tired too."

Their eyes met, sharing a brief and knowing smile. Life was different than they had expected it to be, but it certainly wasn't something they would complain about. Kailey stirred, opening her eyes to regard her mother with beautiful green eyes, eyes that mirrored the ones Kiara had fallen in love with years ago.

"Mom, you're home!" Kailey mumbled groggily, rubbing her eyes before patting her mother's cheeks affectionately.

"Yeah. How's my little sweetheart?" Kiara kissed her daughter's cheek, "Did you have a good time with Daddy?"

"Uh-huh. We watched TV, and daddy said that Nathan could come to play afterwards. Can he mommy?"

Kiara nodded. "He most definitely can." She had always liked Nathan Blaire. The cute little blond boy was their daughter's age and lived next door to the Daltons. He and Kailey were almost inseparable and made an adorable pair.

"Yay! Did you hear that daddy?"

"Course I did Kay." Andreas, still good-looking as ever, brushed off his cargoes and sauntered up to his wife, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. He was about to say something else, but was cut off by the sound of the twins crying.

"No Andreas, I don't want any more." Kiara smirked, swatting his arm away from settling around her waist.

"Yeah. I think the peace is plenty broken. Do you want to go get them or should I?" He grinned, something that made him look more like a teenager and less like a father. "Never mind. I'll go. You've got Kailey." Stealing another quick kiss he disappeared out the door, heading towards the source of the disruption.

Transferring Kailey to her other hip, Kiara went into the kitchen, getting a drink for her daughter. Everyone said she looked like her mother. Of course, except for the eyes or the freckles. Kiara didn't have freckles. But Andreas did. "Daddy's silly, isn't he?" She remarked casually pointing to a picture of Andreas with ice cream smeared all over his face. Kailey had been so excited about having an ice cream cone that she had smacked her father in the face with it. Seeing her daughter nod, Kiara turned her attention to the photo next to it. It was the picture of a group of teenagers, teenagers that had since grown up and left that stage behind, welcoming the role of parents instead.

"Guess what Kailey, Auntie Riley is going to be coming down next weekend for the reunion. She said she couldn't wait to see how big you've gotten."

"Is Andrew and Sarah coming too?"

"Are Andrew and Sarah coming? You betchya. Oh, I almost forgot. Your uncle Paul and aunt Vicky will be here soon. Uncle Paul and daddy are going skateboarding. But we girls are going to hang out here with the twins and have so much more fun."


Kiara shot one last look at the group shot, sighing to herself about times long past. That had been her life then, carefree, only plagued by boy troubles, grades and the like, and not by screaming children, diapers, and work. But resolutely turning from the frame to face Andreas, both arms taken up by the twins, Kiara wouldn't have traded her current life for anything else in the world. She had her children, she had Andreas, and she had happiness.

Life was just full of lines to cross, going from childhood, to teenage years, to adulthood. She herself had crossed so many lines already, and the line she had stepped over to become a mother was definitely one she did not regret crossing. Because of course, line crossing is just a part of life that can't be avoided and can't be explained, and one doesn't know exactly where the line is until the step has already been taken over it and the boundary crossed to open a new field of opportunity. Life is full of line crossings, and everyone taking part in it is a line crosser in their own way.

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