My love for you
Has changed its true.
For as the wind changed
So did my feelings.
You were not true
To your vow.
You hurt me with
Those awful sounds.
Speaking things I
Dare not say was
Neither decent
Nor honorable.
I care not
What you do
Or even who.
But I do not
Need to know.
Yes I am angered
Yes I am hurt.
No I didn't think of
You as more than a friend
But I did like you a lot
And that made those words
Sting worse than any knife.
Maybe years ago I was right
Dealing with no one day or night.
No friends, no love
Lonely and dare I say
Happier than I am now.
Before I found my friends
Those who pain me
And talk behind my back.
Those who don't think
What they are saying
Or doing would hurt you.
Every move you make
Every step you take.
Effects me and those
Who care for you.
Not that it matters
Anymore to you.
For this pain is
Deep and cuts
To the soul
Deeper than any
Wound could penetrate
Though I wonder
I truly do.
Tears stream down
Mixing together on
My pillow cases.
Lumps form in my
Throat when I try to
Talk to you tonight.
I can't do it without
The tears choking most
My words into oblivion.
This may sound a bit harsh
Or even out of whack.
But I do not care
For this is how I
Feel tonight alone
In my lost sanctuary.