Two Worlds
Today I live in two different worlds
One in which I am happy
For once I am loved
People care as well as know
I can be myself without doubting
Never thinking twice
The other is much darker
One which I cannot handle
Serenity is but a word
Peace shall never occur here
Darkness is encasing
I enter into one world
And the other becomes obsolete
How I wish to convert both together
Therefore the bad shall be better
And the best may still have volume
My heart warms with such touch
Yet turns to ice in the same instant
I turn from you when I wish to look
Seeking guidance cannot be completed
Worlds colliding ever slowly
I am aware of this now
How I long them to remain apart
For now as they join
Darkness is overpowering
Again my life becomes meaningless
Tomorrow has to be better
This voice echoes extreme wording
My life has faltered to stillness
Shadows lurch towards me
Howling of night pierce silent skies
Though slowly the stars appear brightly
And the calls stop and the wind ceases
But that is as often as never
For as of now, as of today
I too, shall live in two different worlds
Ever changing to reflect the other
Ever creating the shadowed image
The one over such a perfect portrait