My Boys
I'm not a slut, tramp, or ho
So don't even begin to think that
To be truthful, I have dated a few
Not as many as some
Yet way more than others
My heart has been broken before
I will not say otherwise
And yes, I've been the bearer of bad news as well
I won't say I am the perfect girl
'Cuz that would be a lie to both of us
I could just say I have a reason for each.
Most guys of my past
Have been hookups thanks to a friend
Several of them were just 'boyfriends'
With little to no feelings on either part
I admit, I thought I was in love once
Unfortunately he was not on the same level
Never would I say he abused me
But.. I cannot say he never did
An old fling was pretty ok back then
I thought it was purely physical, nothing more from him
I can't say I ever loved him, not truly
But yet, no talk of not liking him a lot
Not until later did I know he fell for me, and hard
I got a boy I currently with
He is definitely unlike any other
There are many ups and downs to the relationship
But the love is there, so I think we might survive all
I have had maybe two relationships that were..
Well.. to be honest.. They were obsessive
They fell in love with me before I even thought I liked them
Believe you me, it made for some awkward moments
Please, do not think I am bragging
That would be the last thing I would do
I am not proud of my past, per say
Though again, I am not unhappy with it
Many nights I have just sat there
Looking at my ceiling in deep thought
Why.. I cannot fully explain
But about old relationships, as well as friends
What ever really happened to them?
One is a daddy now, I know that
Another got married, not that long ago
I got a call the other night
Turns out one joined the army
At least I can still talk to a few
Most, honestly, hate me now
Seems like things ended on not-so-good terms
So well now I guess you know my life story
Relationship wise anyway
Now that you know how things went
You might understand the way I am
Lately, I have tried so hard to forget my past
I don't want a repetition of others with my new one
Writing this, I hope it will help to let go
Well.. That is that; but one last thing
Never call me those vulgar names as before
If you must attempt an insult, let it be B*tch
For at least it is a title I have earned