Look in her eyes and what do you see?
Tears for the memories of what used to be.
Look in her heart, and what do you find?
A spirit that's lost and a faith that is blind.
Look In her soul and you'll see what she misses
A chance to love without hate, a chance to bless and gain blesses
Look at her expression of pain, look at the tear in her eye
Can you watch it fall, will you just stand by?
Can't you see the pain that she's feeling?
Can't you see that she's hurt with no chance of healing?
Can't you see the despair that her composed face conceals?
Can't you see past that to what she actually feels?
Can't you see that they force her to suppress her beliefs
And neither see nor care that it's causing her grief?
Can you comprehend how many tears she's cried?
Or how much she's torn and broken inside?
Do you have any idea how empty and hollow
She feels because they scorn the gods that she follows?
Can't you see her body shudder
With the hidden tears, she needs the support of another
She needs someone to tell her that what she's doing is fine
To give her a chance and to allow her to shine
She needs a friend and companion to hold her hand
She needs an ear to listen and a heart to understand
She needs someone to smile and treat her right
Someone who won't turn away, as others might
But no one will come, because they won't comprehend
That she's as much right as them to need a friend
So look at her now, do you like what you see?
That woman is lonely .. that woman is me.