Sad is the day they all go;

I'd thought it wouldn't come to this!

But, look now:

They are all a-going

Over the seas and the hills.

Moving on:

I can't do that;

I'm stuck in the past,

Lost and alone.

I'm so scared!

I can't think,

I can't breathe,

I can't even begin

To imagine

The loneliness that resides

Deep in my soul.

I thought I

Lost them once,

It wasn't true.

Not that time.

But this time,

It's different.

I thought they would

Always be there

Forever as a group.

Sad it is,

Now that they go

Over the seas.

I'll miss you so;

Friends, girls of RG.

We are the elite

That is, elite of the


Distance separates us,

From the bond that is


Away in distance,

But never in heart.