By:Andrew Troy Keller

Lori Griffin was on her way home from a business meeting in Los Angeles and looking forward to enjoying a romantic weekend with her live in lover,Peter King on Thursday,January 15th,which was the same day of her mysterious disappearance.

It had happened as soon as she had reached the one spot that was a few miles away from the county line,which was where her car had slowed to a stop due to an encounter with a mysterious force.

And then,after she had gotten out of the car and was about to check on it,a very bright light had suddenly appeared from out of nowhere.

And after she had turned around to see where it was coming from,Lori had suddenly became shocked to discover that the strange glowing light was coming from a masive extraterrestrial spacecraft that was hovering over both her and the car.

As soon as she had spotted the UFO,a frightened Lori's first instinct was to get herself out of that terrifying scene as fast as she could.

But just as she was about to do so,a strange beam from the spacecraft had caused Lori to be frozen in her place and a tractor beam had lifted her up towards the UFO and right into it.

And then,after she had been released from the tractor beam,a strange mist had been sprayed in Lori's face,causing her to become dizzy,fall down to the floor and become unconscious.

Even she had no idea as to how long she was out cold,but as soon as she was finally able to open her eyes,Lori was shocked to discover that she was laying in a bed that was inside a beautifully furnished room.

But then,after she had gotten herself out of the bed and walked over to the window,Lori was even more shocked to discover that she was also on a planet that was really not Earth.

And after she had sat herself down on the floor,placed her hands over her head and started trying to figure out what had actually happened to her,the bedroom doors had opened and a truly elegant woman had walked into the room and towards the confused Lori.

Just then,after she had placed a gentle hand on Lori's shoulder and helped Lori get back on her feet,the elegant stranger had introduced herself as the Queen of the planet known as Severon and told Lori that she was actually the Queen's long lost daughter.

And then,after she was able to wipe the tears from her eyes and realize the dreams that she was having back on Earth were actually not just dreams,Lori had let out a sigh and a smile and her newly found mother about how she had came to be Lori Griffin on the planet Earth.

The Queen had told Lori that she had been abducted by those who were against the rule of the royal crown.

But now,a smile had once again appeared on the Queen's face,because the little star Princess has been returned to her true home.

And even though she would miss her lover back on Earth,Peter King with all of her heart,the woman who was formerly known as Lori Griffin had decided to stay on the planet Severon,because she had realized that it was where she really does belong.