Today should never come, but since I know it must, I pray that it will be the same as yesterday, and should tomorrow be inevitable as well, I only can dream that it will be as today; that way, I'll never think of you as a memory.

Until I awake beside you, until we fall...

I want to keep you close, chasing you, following you, catching you, holding you. Today should never come. Yes, this day should never come.

Is this...that?

"Prelude - A Masterpiece"

What sound does the world make as it cries out? He always wondered as his fingers trailed across the keys. He dreamed, saw the world as he wished it to be, but still he knew a truth no one else would dare to listen to, that tumbling symphony that danced in his ears. He didn't know the sound; it was different every moment, a different dream. It was foreign each time.

Something new, something new, always something new.

Until the moment that a voice echoed in his ears, he had always believed that it was something original. One day, however, a boy entered the music room only to stare in equal shock down at the pianist, his violin falling from his shoulder to his side and his bow landing beside it. Their songs were the same, every note, every beat, the same. The words the other sang had never so perfectly matched the words he composed within his head, imagined, dreamed, thought about as he listened to those intangible notes.

Swallowing was the first step, and with a nervous gesture, both pretended the other male did not exist as they continued. The boy raised his violin back to his shoulder and brushed his bow along the string at the same instant that the pianist pressed the keys with his frail fingers in a rush of unfathomable emotion. The boy's voice rose over the instruments, the sound filling the room with something unknown but true to both.

"Today should never pass
For eternity, for this, let it last

Only for intangible dreams
Those words that the siren screams
In a word: elation
Purity's only manifestation
For those that cannot sing
For the mayflies, for the dream
If only for the dumb
Tomorrow shall never come."

Something that had never existed to the pianist before: words. Hesitant and nervously formed, yes, but each one was perfect. They played until night when the bashful beams of illuminating light hid shyly behind the hills, the sun closing its eyes to the world. Tomorrow would come with the light's return. They fell silently to their knees, incapable of producing those varied songs, those foreign words any longer.

They had forgotten that the other was there all along, yet they had known it all along.

"There's someone...the same as me," they whispered in a perplexed tone, staring with eyes wide in amazement as the identical sentence passed the other's lips. "The same..."

In the morning it would be different. They knew their songs would not be the same, and were they to be, they'd have no desire to play alongside each other ever again. That embarrassment was far too great to be endured.

The entire night, they watched one another in silence, and come morning, they each walked to the exit moments before the sun opened its glowing orb.

"Today should never come, never have came. This is the end, was the end," they spoke, their eyes not meeting as they crossed the threshold, the rays of the light reflecting in the window behind them and glazing over the piano as well as the white marble floor.

They knew what sound the world made when it cried out, when no one was daring enough to listen. It was their sound, the symphony of the piano and the violin assisted with a terrified, youthful voice that sang of truth alone and offered comforting lies.

They fell.

Is this...that?

Is that...