Shuya's fingers traced along a small water trail left on the metal bars of the balcony. The air smelled of fresh wet leaves, and rain. A tear fell silently from his cheek, falling three flights, before blending into the grass.

He turned around, he slowly walked back in, closing the door behind him. He looked around his living room slowly, admiring his collection of trinkets. They always had a comforting feel. They always made him feel needed. Without them, they'd have no one to take care of them.

There were voices in the hallway. They were all too familiar with him. He shifted his gaze to the bland cream carpet, as three tall men entered the doorway, almost forcefully. He kept silent, knowing what they were there for.

"Shuya, I've been trying to call you." The dark haired man spoke quietly, as one of the other men closed the door quickly.

"I've..I've been sick." Shuya spoke softly, holding in tears.

Aware of the obvious lie, the man walked up to Shuya and slapped him across the face.

"Don't lie to me, you little bitch." He hissed out.

Shuya gripped the sides of his skirt, and tried to keep the burning tears from appearing.

"Well, at least you're dressed the way I want. I hate seeing you in that ugly uniform you know. It turns me off when I see you after you get out of school. It really does." He said harshly, glancing at the other two men briefly.

"I'm sorry..I can't dress like this at school.."

The man's hand wandered up Shuya's smooth thigh.

"You know what you have to do for me, right?"

"Please no..Please James.." Shuya pleaded, his womanly voice trembling.

"Stop thinking anything you say is going to change my mind. Because it won't."

"Please..Please don't do this." He begged, the tears finally starting to flow.

Shuya knew what was coming. It had happened so many times before. He was the object of James' lust. A mere sex toy. James had been the first man he met when he made Canada his new home. He was so nice at first, but then he turned ugly. Being forced to perform sexual acts, being hit, being kept a prisoner in his own apartment, Shuya was finding each day harder to live through.

It was nearly impossible to escape James' demanding ways. He was a drug dealer with many connections, afterall. Shuya had known he was gay from an early age. He knew he looked better as a woman, but he would change it all, just to be free of James for even 24 hours.

"I had a hard day, so I'm gonna release some stress." James spoke, almost evily.

His buddies laughed a bit, and came up beside him. The blonde man, hiding his eyes behind blue tinted sunglasses, and the red haired man, sporting his tattooed arms, rushed Shuya, and knocked him onto his back.

Shuya's scream was cut short, by a hand slapping itself over his mouth. His eyes released burning tears, as he struggled to get away. It was no use, for the men had gotten a hold of his arms and legs, pinning him to the floor. Shuya's long, pink hair became tangled, as he tried to escape.

"Turn him over." James spoke deeply, as he watched them comply to his demand.