These short little vignettes are about my random thoughts as I think them. I hope you find them interesting. I also hope they make you think as well.



I sat at my desk in math at the seat I usually sit at. I noticed

something I never did before. There was a drawing on the desk. A

beautiful one in black ink of a man and his child headed to God

knows where. It was just a drawing on a desk but still so much

more. I thought of its creator. The artist behind it. A person with so

much talent but is probably a street kid staring down a dead end.

Their talent would go to waste. Their work won't be seen. This kid

will draw on a desk but no one will see it but the janitor who is

quick to wash it away as trash when its not. It's art. It's someone's

art but that someone can't chase their dream because there are not

enough roads leading off these streets so they'll go ahead and draw

on a desk hoping someone sees but no one will so they'll leave

behind a beautiful drawing In black ink that ends up clinging to a

desk that will see no light.


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