cloudcover and take it away
like snow in the mountains
dazzle-me-bright absorbing the light
and shooting it back again
from a field of endless white,
from fallen stars settled to earth.

when I remember autumn
and that day I sat by the lake
to watch the sky crowd the horizon
and the waves interrogate the shore
I remember the rain and its lashing half-sting,
half-caress against my face.

better than crying
and better than a dark room alone
sitting empty to sink
past conscious, preconscious,
maybe even unconscious.
looking for that other surreal
that other subfloor you thought to build
with its base appeal
and the essence of it all.

comes back to breathing
and the simple exchange
of elements across the blood
to let the thought surrender at its own will,
mark its own passage
and choose its own synapse,
its own electrical impulse.

the recall and where you never knew
you'd be able to make yourself go.

cloudcover and take it away;
remember autumn, better than crying,
or looking for that other surreal.
it comes back to breathing.
you'd better be able to let go.