The children sing a song
Their voices high and strong
They sing of war torn countries
and the faces that are gone

Their purpose never wavers
Their eyes are always set
They tell of broken homes
and the fights that they have met

Their innocence is touching
Their ignorance is bliss
but who is it that's teaching,
I only ask you this

The children have a story
They sing it loud and clear
It tells of the unwanted
And of their greatest fear

Amidst the conversation
of 'grown up' company
Small voices tell of rights and truth
If only they would be

Their sandbox is empty
Their toys are left alone
But who is it that's playing,
When they have sung their song

The children sing a song
Their minds are clear and free
It's a different perspective
They tell of that they see

Their voices tell a story
They sing it loud and true
Will you listen to the lessons
That their voices have for you?