This is a really short poem from Hades POV after he kidnapped Persephone


Hush, don't cry.

Hush, its all a lie.

Hush, dry your tears.

Hush, none of your fears

Can reach you here

Don't worry, you're safe

Even if this is a dark place

Even if all you see

Is death's intensity

Even if all you hear

Is screams for help in your ear

Even if all you feel is fear

Even if all you know

Is the ice cold

Even if you hate everything you see

Even if you can never love me

Even if I took you from all you love

Even if I took you from the world above

Even if I've angered the mother you love

Even if you mourn for all you miss

Even if you know, never again will you see it

You can still enjoy

The things I can employ.

I can give you everything

I can make you queen

Of all you see

All you have to do

All I want from you

Is to hush.