You are new to this world,
I can see it in your eye.
You wander in search of a friend,
Hoping one will soon pass by.

But you had to talk to me,
Even though there were plenty more.
Why did you look at me?
What gives me such allure?

I talk to you in a daze at night,
Gathering the stars in my hand.
I look into your eyes,
But all I see is bland.

I wish on shooting stars,
Hoping to catch a dream.
But remember this about me,
Nothing is what it may seem.

Why do you show interest in me?
What is there that you see?
Why do you think I'm special?
Why do we have to be?

I should tell you right now,
You are not what I had in mind.
I'm looking for a dream,
Not one of your kind.

Do you hate me now?
I wouldn't blame you if you did.
I've always hated me,
The way I act like a kid.

I'm sorry for being here,
And for giving you pain.
But you don't understand,
I've always lived with this stain.

You could never love me,
So back out while you're able.
I will never love you,
I'll always be unstable.

This is my silent curse,
To live amongst the morbid.
Love is a futile struggle,
One that I must forbid.