Blessed Lady, within and around me

Blessed Lord, as above so below

What day is today?

Another day of warring and hate?

Another day of religious debate?

Another day of intolerance for gays?

Another day of splitting ways?

What day is it?

Will there be another fight at school?

Will Bush continue his untamed rule?

Will people fear for their own lives?

Will good men choose to beat their wives?

What's today's date?

Will I have food and drink today?

Will my freedom be taken away?

Will my fortune be badly reversed?

Will I lose the life I've rehearsed?

Today is not that day

I won't be killed tragically

I won't be shunned magickally

I won't be starving or frightened

I will hope to be enlightened

Today is a very special day

Don't let me fall into self-doubt

Let me learn to be devout

Don't let me fall asleep to tired to pray

Let me banish my fears far away

I'm still not sure what today is

Friday, Monday, or Sunday

I'll understand one day

But it doesn't matter on this one

When my life has just begun

Because I am living in today

Not in shame of the past

I'm through that at long last

Not in fearing for eventually

For today, blessed may I be!