They're everywhere I don't want to be

Everything I don't want to feel

Some do, and some don't look at me

Hypocritical and painfully unreal

Everywhere they are, they remind me

Forcing me to remember it all

I had one, but I was still lonely

Forcing me to admit and fall

I hate being touched, mind you this

But what do any of them care?

I actually dread getting my first kiss

Which no one considers fair

But why do I feel like I need them so badly?

Like I'm worthless without them near

When they've ruined me so sadly

And caused me a Pandora's box of fear

What would the guy I like think of me?

If he knew I was so d**n afraid?

If he knew I'd grow to mistrust all guys I'd see?

Or how often I've been betrayed?

It's not like I've had it worse than any other girl

I've only had two boyfriends in my life

But the thought of what's ahead just makes me hurl

I'm not sure I ever want to be a wife

I watch those other girls make out at my school

And smile as if that guy could be the one

I get disgusted like an immature little fool

And I know I'm really not much fun