The Star by writerforever

Chapter 13 The End Of All Things

Rolf listened and waited while Andree searched his room. He heard a scream and then he saw Andree coming down the stairway. He was pulling Chaim along behind him.

"I think I found Chaim. He was hiding in Rolf's closet," Andree said as he held firmly onto Chaim. "And I found this," Andree said handing Juan Isaac's Star Of David necklace.

Rolf watched as his father glared down at the necklace. Juan then said, "So you have been hiding a Jew."

Rolf never said anything. He just sat there. Blood was oozing out of his lip and a bruise was beginning to form on his cheek from his father's blows.

"Take the boy away Andree," Juan said.

Rolf struggled to stand. "No, you can't take him," he said.

Juan pushed Rolf back into the chair and Andree carried Chaim out of the villa. As he did Chaim cried out. "Rolf! Please don't let them take me!" he screamed.

Rolf watched helplessly as Andree took Chaim to his death.

"Father, please! He's just a child!" Rolf said reaching up and taking his father by the arm.

Juan stepped away from Rolf. "Do not speak to me. You have gone against me and your people. I never want to see your face again," Juan said.

Tears filled Rolf's eyes. His father's words cut deep into his heart.

"I want you out of my house. I never want to see you again!" Juan yelled angrily.

Rolf sat there for a moment unable to move. He began to cry as he slowly stood and left the room. He went up to his room and packed his suitcase. He came back downstairs carrying his suitcase. He walked over to his father and held out his hand. "Please let me have the necklace," he said.

Juan walked over to the fireplace and threw the necklace into the leaping flames.

Tears fell down Rolf's cheeks and he ran over and knelt down beside the fireplace. He took the tongs and pulled out the necklace. It had not been harmed too much. Rolf stood and before he left he said, "Goodbye father."

Juan didn't move or say a word. He wouldn't even look at his son.

Rolf walked away. As he stepped outside he looked down upon Auschwitz. He could hear the train as it brought more Jews. He looked down at the Star of David necklace in his hand and he began to cry. "I am on my own now. I have no place to live. I am an outcast. I have nothing left just an empty heart and a few memories. Where will the road take me? Where will my journey end?" he wondered to himself. He then turned and started down the road. He walked away from his old life forever.

The End

I know that everyone probably isn't going to like the ending of this story. But we've got to think realistic. Not everything always ends happily ever after. This story proves that. But I'm seriously thinking about making a sequel. What do you think?