Damselic Notions

you pout your lips and
close your eyes
what, a kiss?
your absurdity amuses

you take off screaming
hold me tight
what, a doll?
your clinginess annoys

you march on, noble
reach to me
what, distress?
your monotony bores

I fall and wonder
invade you
searching for...
what, interest?
clearly I ask too much.

A/N: I do know that 'damselic' is not a word, at least from the angry red lines that my spellchecker is so blatantly displaying. 6_6 I just felt like whipping something from the air for the title, and...nothing was there. And so, 'Damselic Notions'; supposed to mean, somewhat, the 'sometimes whimsical thoughts of a girl/lady supposed damsel-in-distress type'. The rest of the poem, I'll leave to you.