The song "Kiss Me", by Sixpence None the Richer, is not mine. Everything else is original work by me.

~blah~ = lyrics

[blah] = author's note


~ Kiss me,

Beneath the milky twilight.~

She stood waiting, quietly. The white sacrificial gown she was clothed in glimmered like ethereal gossamer in the moonlight. He approached, and she took care not to show how frightened she really was, careful not to draw away from his dark beauty. The sacrifice had to be willing. He brushed his lips against hers, unexpectedly light and tender. Her fears vanished with his kiss.

~Lead me,

Onto the moonlit floor...~

"Dance with me," he ordered, so softly it could have been taken as a request. He laced his fingers into hers and drew her into the center of the clearing.

~Lift your open hand,

Strike up the band,

Make the fireflies dance,

Silver moon sparkling...~

He raised his hand and the air was filled with music meant only for the two of them. They danced as the fireflies followed their movements. When the dance had finished, he leant down and whispered softly in her ear, "I'm sorry."

~Kiss me...~

She sighed as his fangs slipped into the flesh of her neck. Maybe eternity wouldn't be so bad after all. Forever with her vampire love at her side.


[I didn't much care for the next bit, but it explains some of the character's motivations, so I decided to leave it.]


"Darling, the day we joined... why did you apologize?"

"Because I knew you were different. That you weren't pure enough to die, but you were accepting enough to stay with me forever. I pitied you."

"Yes. 'Tis a pity. I am forced to spend eternity with the man I love."

"What if you hadn't? I didn't know anyone could love me before you."

"If I hadn't loved you? Love, I would have died. Slowly, painfully, wasting away. But I'm glad I fell in love with you."

"But don't you ever wonder what would have happened if I had been given a truly pure sacrifice? If you were back in the village?"

"Yes. I wonder which blunder head I would have been sold to under the bonds of matrimony, how many brats I would have been forced to bear, how many women would talk about me because of my abnormalities. Dearling, I love you, and no matter what would have happened, I would never have loved anyone else. Maybe I would have married, but I would never have been truly happy there, without you."

"You are amazing."