A Beach of Dreams and a Sea of Despair

She walked slowly along the beach, moving within her mind. Grey clouds covered the sky and blocked out the sun while a chill wind whipped through the air. The sea here seemed stuck at high tide. White tipped waves ravaged the shore constantly rolling in and pulling back out. Nothing could be seen on the beach. Only grains of sand, tiny grains worn done by the forces of the ever present waves, covered the land for as far as one could see. This was all the remained of her dreams.
Digging deep in to her memory, the girl pictured the large stone fortress that used to rest on the beach. The large towers and massive walls had housed her dreams and kept them safe for the rest of the world. Even her memory of it had begun to fade, soon it too would be gone reduced to dust like her dreams.
Her eyes began to fill with tears as she knelt down on the beach. She lifted a hand full of sand and let it run slowly through her fingers. This was all that remained of her once strong fortress. No longer were there even pieces of stone to try to rebuild her shattered hopes; all that remained was fine grains of white sand.
No longer could she even begin to rebuild her fortress of dreams. All she had was sand with which she could build nothing but small sandcastles. Tiny buildings swept away by the every rolling waves of her sea even before they could be finished.
The tears rolled down her face more quickly now, though no sound escaped. Her cold, white hands clenched a handful of sand as she stood up. She looked out over her sea of despair, and slowly, she walked towards it. Giving herself to it, she let it carry her and her handful of broken dreams away.