I whisper in your ear

That I still love you.

I whisper in your ear

That I wanna hold you.

I'll drop these masks,

Show you my true face.

I drop my these masks,

But you vanish without a trace.

'Cause you don't love me

You wanna just be friends.

Cause you don't love me.

And now it has to end.


You turn around

And follow after him.

You turn away,

You don't want to let me in

So I watch and I wait

As you go.

I want to call after

I love you so.

But I silence my pleas,

And fall quiet to the ground

Maybe one day you return,

And find me down.

Because I love you

And I can wait forever

I love you and

I would wait forever.

One day you'll come back

With silent pleas

You'll want to apologize

Say you've always loved me

But I'll be gone.

This knife in my hand

Tempts me to say so long.

And you're not here

Right now to stop me

You're with him.

You'll drop them like flies

And come running home

When you know what I've done

But it'll be too late, I'll be gone.

And I'll stare up from Hell

And watch your tears through my own

Because no matter what you do to me,

You cannot end my love.

No matter what I do to me

You'll always be my love

So, goodbye,

I hope you're happy


Have a nice life.

Things sound cliché,

And maybe they really are

But this love is cliché,

My wanderer

So my spirit will whisper in your ear

That I still love you

Whisper in your ear

That I want to hold you

And you'll hold him and understand

Why I'm gone

You'll know what true love feels like

Put yourself in my shoes.

And you'll see why I couldn't stay

And couldn't move.