Time sways suspended by the twine of our love;
I count seconds by the proximity of his heart.
He strokes my hair as we dance in the glow-
Slowly, reflectively, with a rhythm that's all ours.

The torrents of rain form a curtain around us,
Drown out the world, wash it from view.
For that standstill moment, it all disappears
And on a raft, we drift down the seas of time.

His eyes know the full fondness of my heart-
How I regard them as jewels to be etched in my mind,
How I recall their likeness in night's darkest hours
And remember them with fidelity like my own.

If sleep did not lure me to rest, I would lie
Always awake and think of him as my love.
I can scarce dream of little else nor desire
When the fullness of my heart is met in him.

And if I'd not abandoned myself to a chance
I would never have seen the magnificence before me,
Never have known the richness of a legendary love,
Never have felt what it is to possess a hope for then.