Invisible friend for life.
Whisper into my ear,
Your sweet nothings.
Your soft breath,
Tickles me,
Makes me giggle.
Medical expert taped to my skull,
Inside my invisible friend,
We are the worms that make you feel sane.
Feed us mommy, we live for the meal,
Feed us daddy, hunger paining inside,
Feed us parents, sweet tasting meat once more.
Crazy man, gives you treats,
Whispers to you, things wanted,
Asks you, to give them up,
Don't surrender today,
Don't give him all of you,
Broken hearts are deadly.
With one,
You can make it,
With three, it's harder.
Listen to mommy,
Daddy is sleeping,
Parents feed babies.
Ticklish baby feet, spreading toes,
Cut them off, this little piggy, one by one.
Psychotic infant, cry home to mama, cry,
Small drummer, playing against your brain,
Tiny worms, devour your insanity, slowly,
Remember the way you whispered to me.
Feed us mommy, we're hungry,
Feed us daddy, it's time,
Feed us parents, supple skin is good.