Always the same story, the same bad luck,
Makes me wanna scream, and I don't give a fuck,
Screw you if you think I should stay calm,
If you think I'm acting spoiled and if I alarm.

Don't you see that I had him at the tips of my fingers,
Had I only reached a little we wouldn't've stayed strangers.
I'm not angry at you, don't be worried, and I'm not angry at him,
I am angry at me! Myself! I was too busy drowning to swim.

Drowning in my lust for blue eyes, to swim towards the shore,
The brown shore of his eyes. I do not want what I once wished for,
I do not want to have my blue-eyed angel, only to see him again,
Because he liked me too, and we were always looking at each other then.

So I know he is thinking of me too, but he is so far away,
My messages don't get to him, and he won't send me one each day,
If I never reply. So, attraction will fade, though I know,
We would've been greater than we now wish to show.

But after all, we are just sexed up, there's nothing more to it,
It would've bin awesome, and I am not saying we should quit,
But it's impossible, so now I curse my luck, we would've been perfect,
But what good is a physical relationship, when it'll be labeled

As if they were all in love with each other, at least I know,
He wouldn't cheat on me. It still wasn't easy, so I had to go,
And now he is too far, miles away, and I won't see him again,
But then, we were only sexed up, so there's no pain.

AN: I know, it quite sucks, the swearing and all..*shrug* lol, but I think
it is the most loyal description of my go read my
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