Black curtains part
to show the gray-green mist in white
behind the flickering skin.
You appear before my eyes
and the night freezes, hanging
by a silver thread
under the gently
swirling stars.
Time and space
have vanished into
the shining glass where Light
at her jealous face
before fleeing to the comfort
of the glowing moon.
Your hand holds mine,
turning the key to open
the sky,
and my heart pours
its bittersweet blood
down like wine
over all I see.
You breathe; the clouds lift
and all is clearer, yet
mystery remains.
I can see the blackness
in your eyes;
the dark unknown
lies purring, waiting
to swallow your mind
and my heart.
Although I feel the weight
of this knowledge, I fly
and become tangled
in the web of the moment
like a newborn butterfly,
golden and carefree.
You kiss my lips, and reality
into the background.
There is only us, melting
into chocolate
and shades of darkness.