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Salt and Pepper

Chapter One- Katrina

My name is Katrina.

And at my school before the door open and students are waiting outside to get in, it is very common for conversation to take place. This is why; out of all of my years of going to Clarkdale Jr. High, I was always nervous and most uncomfortable here, outside of the school. Shocking yes, but in my case, under the circumstances, completely understandable.

"So what did Ms. Green The Mean give you?" La-Shey asked Shante.

"A fort percent!" Can you believe that?" Shante asked.

"Well you're lucky. Let's just say I would have been better off not taking the test at all," Keyanna said.

"Katrina what did you get?" Brandy asked me.

"Yeah, what did you get?" Teyanna asked.

I swallowed. I'd hoped they wouldn't ask me. Although there was no point in denying the truth, I knew that the outcomes would not be good because contrary to popular belief; the truth shall not set you free. Especially not when you are me. Every time I wanted them to include me in their conversations they didn't, and when I didn't want them to, they did. I cleared my throat. "An eighty five percent." I looked around like it was no big deal. When I looked back, all of their eyes were fixed on me.

"It figures," La-Shey muttered. Loudly. All of the rest of them laughed as I felt my face grow hot.

"Isn't Ms. Driscoll supposed to be substituting science?" Keyanna asked.

"Yup, be prepared for torture," I said, glad to change the subject.

"Let's just skip that period. Let's meet in the eighth grade bathroom. Who's in?"





When were the doors going to open? I may have scored a B on the math test but I was definitely scoring an F on this conversation. "Um, no thanks." I watched as Keyanna nudged Shante on the arm and she laughed.

"I mean, someone's got to put her in her place. I said and lifted my eyebrow. They all laughed. Good save, I thought. The years of practice still had little pay off.

The doors opened and I was tempted to look around to see if I could see any angels singing, "Hallelujah". I shoved my way through kids hustling to get inside the old school building. Our school doesn't contain as many students as the rest of the county. Most students all have the same teachers but at different times. It's the smallest school in the county and while it's only one story, it's really long. There is a huge gym but a small auditorium. Sports were very important to my school. I finally made it to my locker.

I put my combination in and I pulled the lock, but it didn't open. I put my combination in again, and still nothing happened. After a while I started to kick it and the faded blue paint started to chip.

"May I ask what you are doing?" Brian Miller asked me. Our last names had caused our lockers to me directly next to each other for the past three years. I didn't mind him, although his presence outside of the classroom was disturbing to me. It was nothing against him personally; he was actually a nice guy. It was just his group that contained jerks and assholes and when Brian roamed the halls, the rest of the group couldn't be far away. Several people in that group, actually just one in particular, felt the need to make my life hell.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I asked angrily . "It looks like your beating up your locker," he answered coolly.

"That's right, I figured that if I beat it up enough, it just might surrender and pop open."

"Here let me try," he said and I stepped aside. "What's your combination?"

"Forty-four, twenty-eight, thirty-eight, but I don't think it's going to work..." as soon as the words were out of my mouth, my locker door popped open. ". Thanks," I said and turned to look at him.

It's funny, I've known Brian since kindergarten, but it was at that moment that I noticed how blue his eyes were.

"Welcome," he said as he pulled his things out of his locker while I did the same. As I went to close it, I was still mad so I slammed my locker door, but forgot my finger was on the edge. "Shit!" I yelled in pain and jumped up and down. I stuck my finger in my mouth, which people say makes it feels better.

That's a lie.

"Did that hurt?" Brian asked me.

"Nope, it feels good," I replied. "It feels so good that I decided to yelp, jump up and down, and put my finger in my mouth."

He rolled his eyes in amusement, and once again, for some reason, I noticed that his eyes were the sweetest shade of blue.