I hoped you guys like this story. And I guess I should start off by saying thank you for putting up with all of my typos. I have cts, and my computer sucks, plus I am lazy, lol

I am not sure what message I really wanted to convey with this story. I guess a lot of little ones into one. All I knew is that I had something to say and I wanted to talk about it. I know a few things. I know that I wanted to throw racism in everyone's face. Not the radical racism, but the softer kind. The kind you barely notice or even see. I then wanted to throw the teenage years into the process because know matter how many times a doctor will write a book about it or some talk-show host talks about it, they will never understand what the teenage life is like at a public school. Finally, and perhaps the most important reason, is because I lived and still live in a MOSTLY white town and I couldn't understand for the life of me the unspoken rule that a black boy could go out with a white girl, but not vice-versa.

I happen to like books that let us peak into a world we know nothing about. I didn't stress it at all in this book, but I hope you saw, esp at the end of chapter 27, being black in America is HARD. It's a full damn job that you don't get paid for.

With all that said, I hope you realized that this story shows that love is the most simple thing that we need in this world and all that we need to bring us together.

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