I was just thinking about how everything everywhere has the same basic



Everything you think
You know today
Stereotypes have
Paved the way
Cliché's tell you
What to say
They influence the way you think
To this day

No way
You say?
They don't influence you
To this day?
Ask yourself that question.
Here's a few more your way.

Why is the black kid always doing drugs?
Why is the white man always getting mugged?
Do people from that neighborhood ever get along?
Is every politician always doing wrong?
How random is a random search?
In a lineup, who gets picked first?
If he's black and tall,
Does he play basketball?
Is the Spanish kid always getting high?
Does that black mother ever not cry?
Does the white girl always get silicone?
Is the black man ever home?


Are any of these familiar to you?

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