fingers crossed tightly in my brain
hands wringing
uncertainty unseen
hoping against hope
that happiness
might finally reach me
your voice falters
stinging words fall hesitantly
slow acid rain
seeps into my ears
shattering my mind
poisoning my blood
breaking my heart
inwardly exploding
outwardly frozen
eyes are pulled
to the faceless floor
tears will not come
though my face longs to feel
the sting of their healing saline
dare to glance
your golden face
holds something I have never seen
in its sweet embrace of features
pity? sadness?
still standing
the pounding in my body
will not die
the slash of a knife would cure me
anything but those two dark pools
gazing in sorrow
at me, through me
silence lies like lead
and so despite it all
my mouth forms one word
a pair of lonely syllables
to betray my dying heart
my burning soul
my crumbling world: