A Runner's Tale


My name is Nassirudden Cleodundra Archright.

Yeah, I really got screwed on the name. It's my mother's fault. For one, Nassirudden is a guy's name, and I think Cleodundra is a mix of Cleopatra and a name for one of my mother's favorite flowers. But I assure you, I'm a girl. A rather confused girl, but a girl.

I'm a Japanese-Egyptian American, for those who want to know. I'm not entirely sure if that's an ethnic background or what, but I'm told that I'm the first of my kind. That's pretty cool, if you ask me.

I'm 21, and I'm a senior in college. I'm majoring in psychology with a minor in music. Again, I'm confused. I like both subjects, what can I say?

My friends are Jamie, (She's a redhead from West VA.) Charlie, (He's from California.) Amanda, (probably one of the coolest Texans you'll ever meet.) and Charlie B. (A rising movie star. She's from NY.). We all go to N. C. State University, a place that's smaller than it should be for the students that attend it.

I love jazz, rock, classical, r & b, and almost everything in between,…except country. I hate country.

Oh, and I'm a runner too.

No, not like track and field.






last resort

Retrieval unit

I'm a R. U. N. N. E. R.

A cyborg, of a sort.

I used to be a normal human…

Until the alien invasion…

And my capture.

They modified my body, enhanced my mind, and told me that I would help them destroy my world.

So how did someone so ordinary become so extraordinary?

Well my friend, read on and find out…


Silver Fox: OK folks. This is my first fiction. Do you like it?

Striking Falcon: Why does the heroine sound so familiar?

Silver Fox: Oh, I don't know…perhaps she might be. {::holds up a mirror to SF::}

Striking Falcon: I don't get it.

Silver Fox: I don't see how we're related either. Should I keep going? Should I stop? You guys tell me. I know you're busy reading SF's stories, but I'd appreciate the favor.