To See Her Again
18 January 2004
4:05 A.M

Living only in the memories
Of loved ones left behind.
Living only in pictures
That freeze moments in time.
No tears capable of falling
On the day that she left
Dreams, read nightmares?,
That make up the sleeping hours
Remember the feel
Of her arms around me tight
Remember the sound
Of her soft voice saying 'Goodnight'
She came to me
Wrapped her arms around me
'Take care of them, they need you'
She told me
She came to me
Comforted me 'I'll always be with you,
In mind and spirit and you can always
Come to me.'
Dream of a day when
I'll see her again
Dream of reliving
The memories past
Gone, but remembered.
Remembered, and loved.
I will dream of the day
Until it comes, when I can
Finally see you again.