CHAPTER 1: The Unexpected

Eternia...It shall perish...Foolish...Incompetent...lives of such....Your day is will suffer ....the consequence you have nurtured...your faults will soon be repaid....


The King of Eternia has called in Kryss Lain, a priestess of Yogaidou Temple, one of the gifted ones left who practice "The Union of Elements". It is the day of release for this Holy city. The day in which finally they have taken action to solve the curse the sorceress has bitterly placed upon them. They hope for a savior.


A servant was told to fetch the maiden of Yagaidou Temple. She wore clothing of silk and lace. It was gracefully crafted on her. She was pale white, almost dead. Her face was cold and subtle, just like her moon tainted hair. Her eyes red. The servant lead her to the king, unable to speak of unworthiness.

Servant: Come with me my Lady...

And with an outstretched hand he slowly opened the door.

Lain: Thank you...

They walk through a huge hallway. And endless it may seem with paintings of the dead and jewels of all sorts, light finally pushed through at the end. Once a again a door opens.

Servant: The maiden is here my Lord.

King: Leave.

The king has grown old and his voice has softened and aged. It made every word he spoke seem like a death wish. Lain kneels down in front of the King. Head bent down.

King: I have called you Lady Kryss-

Lain: I would prefer Lain my Lord.

King: Lain then, -We have recently discovered that the key has traveled. It has fled Eternia and has made home in the "Real world" and-

Lain: Sorry to interrupt once more my Lord but if the key is NOT in Eternia what danger would it bring us?

King: Nothing...But I do not want to jeopardize the ones not involved...Like the ignorant humans...

Lain: I see...So what is your biding?

King: Many have tried to search and kill the so-called "Key" but they have failed...But I have great trust in you Lady Lain...Your skills impress me greatly.

Lain's eyes show irritation and slight anger. Knowing the King would push her to do his task, and to disobey means punishment. But nevertheless she dared to ask.

Lain: My Lord...But why me? From all the great warriors in the land; you have chosen a priestess? Isn't that-

King: Stop. Look at me.

Lain quickly lifted her head up, no expression whatsoever.

King: You are not a mere priestess my Lady. You are also an "Elemantal Auror". The ONLY elemental auror left. Though your practice is not that known...I know your capability...You are a great fighter my dear. I do not know of anyone in the whole of Eternia who is greater than thee.

Lain: You are praising me too much my Lord. Believe me I am not the best...I am-

King: No. I want you and you only. Kryss Lain, you are- I mean you shall save us all.

Lain was speechless. She looked up at him thinking how ridiculous the king may be to choose her. Priestess Lain. Though she didn't deny the fact that she was an expert in her art. The puzzle pieces just didn't seem to fit. "You are lucky I was reasonable today, and quite in a good mood. If not I could have refused easily..." The King then looked cautiously at her. Making Lain feel guilty and pressured.

Lain: Fine my Lord I accept this mission.

King: Glorious! You shall leave two days from now at twelve midnight. We shall arrange your papers and the place that you shall stay in. You shall be a high school student at Tokyo High. It is the place where the key has gone. You will live normally as a human.

Lain rolled her eyes.

King: And definitely your magic must not be seen by anyone, no human must know of us. And in the world you shall soon stay your name is no longer Lady Kryss Lain of Yoraidou Temple but plain and simple Maiye Ayaname. I will give you more details before you depart. I thank you greatly. And Eternia thanks you with its heart.

Lain: Yes my King, I thank you for all of your praises. (whispers) Darn it...

After that she snarled.


The moment she stepped out of the courtroom Lain couldn't help but grumble. Of course she did not want her home land to perish but...She was absolutely angered by this and quickly went back to the temple afterwards. She drudged in still wearing her beautiful kimono like ceremonial gown, it didn't suite her well, she was furious.

Lain: (shouting) I cannot believe they toyed with me! Am I a marionette!?

Ura: Calm down mistress...

Lain: I will not calm down! They assumed, LIKE I WAS-- or rather like I DID NOT HAVE MY OWN WILL, I know this city needs help... I wished they just got straight to the point! I bet I wouldn't get this angry. They still had to blabber about all that crappy stuff!! I care about the upper house... how stupid of me to agree...(pause) I'm sorry Ura, you're my only--I hate myself!(closes fists)

And with that she started to bite her lip...Ura was always there to understand. Though she was not human, she was a creature of great understanding and knowledge, also since she was the symbol of "Wind", Kryss' element..

Ura: You must go through this, and think clearly. Besides you cannot change the King's decision...Better yet prepare for what shall come ahead...

Lain: (hesitant) You're right...I suppose, shouting at nothing would be useless...I'll go get ready then...

Voice: sister...

Lain: Muoi...what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in bed?

Muoi was Lain's younger sister, her only living blood relative. But though they are family, Muoi was different. She had black hair and maroon eyes. Except she shared Lain's skin and lifeless expression. Muoi was Lain's only happiness, though they usually fought and overruled each other, shouting and sparring here and there, she still cared a great deal about her. Her life was hers and her safety was her treasure. She clearly made sure that her sister was in the right hands, all the time. Lain knew she was somewhat overprotective but she couldn't help herself, she loved her so much.

Muoi: Its late...You must be tired as well, why aren't you in bed?

She gave special emphasis on the "you", showing her sarcasm.

Lain: The king summoned me.

Muoi's eyes widened.

Muoi: What did he say?! Are you to be brought somewhere?

Lain: Unfortunately, yes... In the "real" world even.

Muoi: But why? What does he want again...

Lain: Actually "the key" has escaped -- they say. And I'm tasked to retrieve it.

Muoi: (curious) So you just agreed?

Lain: Of course not. But I had no choice...You know how he is, the stupid old --...

Muoi came out of the darkness and moved closer to Lain. She appeared very sirious.

Muoi: So you got scared because of a stupid threat? I cannot believe you...cowa-

Lain: I was NOT scared. I didn't want you to get involved, besides... I have never been there.

She started to grin and stared at the ceiling looking very impressed with herself. Muoi rolled her eyes and walked out..

Muoi: Suite yourself.

Lain: You can't come, understand?

Muoi: (Stops at the door) ...YES I know...

And she finally left the room.

Ura: You must fix your things mistress. You have limited time to prepare.

And with that Ura vanished. Left alone in the room Lain could only think of one thing...But still...Why me?


Finally the day came. Lain had fully transformed. She had made her hair black for normality and changed wardrobe as well. She was wearing an all black uniform w/black tights and white shoes. A ceremony was held at her departure. The whole Imperial army was there, the Royal family, Eternia itself came to watch her leave.

King: My people! We have been blessed! Our gods have sent us a savior! A person who shall release us from our great suffering, "The Sorceress' Curse".

These words struck many and they started to clap almost at every word the King would speak.

King: The only living Elemental Auror! Kryss Lain!

Cheers and applause came from all.

King: She has risked her life for the sake of our safety!

The King lowered his voice and turned to Lain.

King: I thank you greatly my dear truly you have been sent by the gods.

Lain: Thank you my Lord.(sniggers)

The King smiles then turns back to the crowd.

King: We shall not be seeing her for quite some time, so we wish you the best and good luck. Eternia is by your side.

Lain: (whispers to self) I don't need your support or this darn ceremony. Why couldn't they just let me depart, to get this whole thing over with...

Suddenly a huge circular structure appeared behind the King and Lain. It was pure gold and filled with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and many other precious stones. The whole in the middle of it started to form a purplelish-blue vortex.

King: And now-My Lady!!

And in an instant Lain had jumped in and vanished. The crowd let out a huge gasp and the King was merely speechless. Shortly after, the vortex started to close, and the gate started to descend as well. While at the very end of the crowd was Muoi. she cuddled a headless stuffed cat in her arms.

Muoi: Good luck, and be well my dear sister...You will need it I am sure...


Lain left her world with no regrets or fear. She knew she would be able to overcome everything that'll come ahead. The Prophecy....It's nothing...lies...What would that old hag know about our's just a pot of gibberish Lain thought. Few specks of light slowly emerged from, what seemed to be a tunnel. She was floating or flying towards it. A few moments later she was picking up speed and was getting a lot closer to the exit. The bright white light burst out and she covered her face with her arms. She also felt a very strong gust of wind...and...and then she was out...Her white shoes landed on the pavement smoothly with a little tap.

So how is it? I know it's serious but that's what makes it so classy, elegant, wicked, and dark...