CHAPTER 4: The First

She strolled down that dark, boring old hall searching for her classroom and notebook. The thought of Kishin still wandered her thoughts. She didn't know why she thought of him so often. Or the fact that she was quite fond of him. She had frequently been seeing him around the halls. She was reminded of his arrogance. Suddenly, she felt irritated. True, he was very full of himself and very sarcastic. He would usually use 'that' sarcasm on her and she would do the same. She hated him. But this hatred moved her somehow.
She had been walking so mindlessly that she barely realized that she was about to bump the class door. Her notebook lay on her desk. She prodded her own forehead when she had realized her stupidity. She quickly took her notebook and left. The campus seemed different at night. It was less 'creepy' and more 'fuzzy'. It was warmer. It felt warmer. That during the day it was lifeless and dead...It was different 'now'. It had breath.
"This place isn't too bad once everyone's gone..." She mumbled under her breath.
"And I couldn't believe I said that." She retorted.
She was trotting down the staircases when a thin white thread flashed in front of her. Another passed, except this one was long, fat and quite transparent. It had an eerie glow and was feeling around the steps. She stepped back. "Finally." She said.
The priestess threw her arm forward her hand glowed. She casted and a staff-like spear started emerging out of her palm. It had a blade almost as long as a sword and looked liked ivory.
"I was sent here for a purpose. And my purpose is this. I have not come for a mere investigation...But to have some fun at most'
The 'thing' had felt her. She started to run. Its worm-like limbs chased her up the hall. She was blocking its stabs with her weapon. She lounged forward and successfully stabbed it. This was very entertaining. For a moment she was happy. Happy until it had finally got to her.
She has roughly pushed down to the floor. What had gone wrong? Was she just caught off guard? Lain struggled to stand, it seemed that her landing had sprained her right knee. She picked up her staff and waited for the 'thing' once again.
"Now that was queer"
She quickly evaded the last strike, though she had felt the whiplash, which was very uncomfortable. She moved back and fell on her knees. Then she gave the 'thing' a slash with her staff.
A hurl of wind came at it and the beast was successfully cut in half. Its slimy green blood sprayed in all directions and stained Lain's clothes. This was a great opportunity for her to run. But why should she?
'What's wrong with me? I'm Weak. I've GROWN weak'
Lain looked at her staff. It was flickering. FADING. And in a few more minutes it had gone. She was useless. Suddenly, another creature of the same came smashing through the windows. A few glass shards pierced Lain's flesh as they came shattering on the floor. Her arm instantly bled.
Then 'it' came after her once again and bashed her against the opposite side of the hall. And through the window she saw the whole of 'it', and had realized that she had only been fighting its 'arm'. One of 'its' arms, actually.
"This is"
The arm came to strike her again, but fortunately she was able to escape. Lain formed a field around her. A beautiful peach light encircled her ground and incased her. This was to keep her safe or she hoped it would. She was sweaty and anxious for some reason. Was it because her staff had failed to appear? Or was she scared for once?
"That was pretty strange...Now I feel what Ura had mentioned earlier"
She braced herself as it came; it strongly rammed itself at her.
"What is this"
Lain's barrier was breaking. She summoned a sword, which quickly appeared out of her hand; this made her wounded arm even worse. Lain broke her barrier and blocked the beast with her sword, her hands shaking, and her arm dying of pain. Controlling the wind pressure, she began piercing the arm. It squirmed as the incisions were made and shortly died afterwards. The hall was soaking in both of their blood.
"This isn't over"
Lain looked around. She saw the mess she had made, and complimented it to be a very crappy mess. She limped back down the stairs trying to reach the school entrance. But even before she had sat foot on the floor right below something had pinned her against the wall. After that, she had blacked out.
"I was off guard again"
Lain winced.
"Maybe my training did fail...I could never imagine myself in-in...this...this...I was defeated by a brute. This has to be a very good laugh"
She opened her eyes. He body was swimming in her own blood. Lain was being crushed by one of its other arms. Constricting her, piercing her body; she no longer felt the pain. She had gone numb.
Lain saw a white flash of light outside the window. It was moving. It was at the schoolyard. Had Ura come to save her?
"No...If I myself couldn't"
The white light grew stronger and stronger. And as it did the beast lost grip on her. Lain was slowly sliding to the floor. She fell on her side with a small splash. Her face, bathed in blood. Lain was drowsy, tired and very very upset.
"You're such a disgrace"
Lain looked up; her stomach curled, her eyes widened, and her face flared with annoyance.
"I should have expected this"
"How humiliating..." Kishin snorted.
He was wearing this full-body suite, beautifully tailored and cut to fit him perfectly. It was partly open, revealing his black shirt he was wearing below. He carried a long sword-like staff; Lain noticed the elegant craftsmanship, which showcased in the various details and inscriptions it had. Kishin's eyes glistened as the moonlight shined through the broken window. He looked absolutely beautiful under the pale white light. He glared.
"You don't work for royalty, now do you?" Lain asked, with a hint of sarcasm.
"I may be from that world...But"
He bent down on his knees and dripped a finger in Lain puddle of blood. "You are no different than anyone else...You're just like the other arrogant fools who came into this world"
He stood.
"I'm not saving you. If it is your fate to die, then you shall. Be it not by my hands." Kishin stepped back into the darkness and left in a wink.
"It is more degrading to be rescued by an egotistical knight..." Lain spited back. Her eyes were beginning to blur. She was turning dead white. Slowly, she was falling. Her hands she would forcefully move were bricks. She felt her legs, so cold, so heavy. Her sensations were leaving her. A beautiful song started to play in her head. The moon was beautiful. It seemed like a perfect scene for a simple elegant death, Lain thought. The darkness crept upon her, bit by bit, eating her up. Her eyes shut tight.
"MISTRESS?!" Ura exclaimed.
Her guardian had arrived in his true from; a wolf-like beast.
Ura picked her up. Ura's form was characterized with golden marks around his face, accenting his silver coat and long feline tail. Long gray wings sprouted form his back and took flight into the night sky. "I'm sorry my lady." The guardian whispered in Lain's ear.
But not even a silent sigh came from her sleeping mistress.