144- - -
Portraits paint pretty pictures among the clouds, dancing fairies along the
The walls come crumbling down; I can't face the dawn's open gate
Know the slating beats of my heart. I want to cry, only
I love you as the frozen waxy tears fall beneath the oceans'
Crusty floor, sleeping shores, secret crustaceous corals of lyrics lost
before time
Autumn falls before my feet as I evoke thoughts of intellectual prose
Dreams fall cascading as darkness crawls to bloom under the moons haze
Country porch swings dance to accents of lost ballets of wrists bleeding
In the crest of Egypt as forgotten scriptures plead within the plaid
Tunes of Gods and demobilizing divinity rapture your hearts beating walls
I have to wait for love, one word, one voice, one spirit
New years coming and I want to sing lullabies of love exhausted