Economics According To Me

"Page 81. No. Page 124. Quit jumping around I'm too confused as it is. 81? How'd we get on 81?" Aiyeee. Economics is driving me crazy. Writing notes as fast as I can, hoping to remember what was said a moment before. "What did you say? What's a monopoly again? Oh, now we're on the price system?" Aiya. I'm so confused. I scribble notes furiously and then go back to study and realize I don't understand my own notes. How can I not understand? I don't know. I don't listen, I just write down notes. "Oh, what am I doing? Trying to keep up! What do you mean I need to write faster and pay attention? You keep jumping. I'm a dumb blonde? I could sue. You don't care? Fine. Oh. What page are we on? Thanks" Everyday. Sidetracked. Stupid conversations over and over, never staying on topic long. Then the school board wonders why we're so far behind. "Quiz!? Talking!? We weren't talking! No, please? 5 questions? 6 points each? What are the Principles of Taxation? You never taught us that. It was in the chapter? You never told us to read chapter 12. You told us to read chapter 2. Answer it anyway? Ok." Aiyeeee. I'm going to fail. There's another bombed quiz. Only thing keeping me from sinking is my homework. Most of the notes taken aren't even in the book, and I can't understand them. More notes. Sigh. Scribble, scribble, scribble. "What was the last one? Ok. :BRINNNGGGGG!: Bell awesome. I'm free!!!!!!! Oh no. HEALTH! Dullsville, my everyday life.