Drifting like the light in the sky,
spreading like the gentle ripples in the water.
Looking right into your eyes,
emotions so dreamy it makes me wonder.
Being here is such joyful bliss.
No greater woe
if life were to go on without this,
to lose that warmth inside once known.
Together beneath the moonlight glow,
goodbyes and farewells seem so dull.
But only with time and distance can love grow.
Isn't it just wonderful?
Those that disappear or were lost,
a loved one gone far away.
Believe in them and trust
that they'll come back someday.
The dream will never die,
not when I'm in your arms.
The feeling inside will not lie,
even in illusions I will keep holding on.

Cold tears shed in vain,
those fears I try to contain,
so afraid I'll never see you again,
but in your eyes the answer came;
Nothing will ever change.
Not in life
Not in death
And our love will always stay the same.